ICT4DA 2020 is the 3rdd international conference that aims to bring together researchers, engineers, developers, and practitioners from the academia and the industry to present and discuss their research work in the area of ICT for Development. This conference seeks to facilitate the transfer of experience, adaptation of methods, and where possible, foster collaboration among different groups. The topics of interest cover all aspects of ICT towards the socioeconomic development. The Conference is categorized under Six tracks.
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ICT4DA2020 Conference Tracks in Doc
ICT4DA2020 Conference Tracks in PDF

WelCome to ICT4DA 2020 Conference, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar

Final Manuscripts Submission in OCS ( ICT4DA2020 camera-ready system)

Before upload: Register for the conference

In order to be able to upload the Camera-Ready, please finalize the registration by using ONLY the link provided in the official acceptance email.

Important Note:

Uploading the Camera-Ready

Step 1: Login to OCS
  1. Once logged in to system click Conference list
  2. select 3rd International Conference on ICT for Developemen for Africa (ICT4DA 2020)
  3. select Paper list Tab
  4. Now you can see the status of your paper which was accepted
  5. Then go to left panel and select + icon under it choose and click "final upload"
  6. then scroll down and you can get Box which have paper doccument(PDF),Source archive (ZIP) and Copyright form
  7. then upload Final paper doccument( don't select Keep existing version) and source archive of your paper (source code,figures, .docx file) with respective file choose button
  8. down load Copyright form and fill required information , then put your signature on it
  9. scan Copyright form then upload it
  10. Finally, check all required doccument and Upload

Note: if you have faced any technical problem during final paper doccument submission, please contact us mabiratubeyene@yahoo.com

Important Note:

If you need to make any further modifications to your Camera-Ready, you may do so until the Camera-Ready deadline.

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